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The project aim is to encourage the elder people to keep active and healthy, both when it comes to activities and food (promotion of growing their own vegetables and fruit). The project dovetails with keeping the seniors playing an active role in society and living as healthy and fulfilling their lives as well as possible. Each garden reflects the heritage of the country. That’s why another objective of the partnership, is to enable seniors to share gardening and gardens' history, their passions and thanks to this to broaden their knowledge about culture and history of other European countries. By bringing closer the culture and people of other countries, the partnership aims to fight with xenophobia and stereotypes.

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About Project

Before the era of digital entertainment, spending time in gardens and gardening used to be an important part of everyday life. Together with their more usable qualities, like growing vegetables and other plants, came sentimental values. The most precious moments took place there - children playing, lovers dating, friends chatting, families dining, celebrating, resting...

Such a way of spending time is maybe not that popular today, but those who enjoyed it in the past comprise the great part of our societies - these are seniors. The aim of this project is to create international meeting platform for adult learners, especially seniors, in the area of gardening and gardens' architecture, enabling them to share their passions and thanks to this to broaden the knowledge about culture and history of other European countries - mainly through the international meetings.

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The project prompts the gardening passionates to share and exchange their passion using modern, technical tools like Facebook, blogs. The participants are given a chance of creatively applying the skills and knowledge by preparing photo albums, booklets, multimedia presentations, personal blogs, and last, but not least, they are encouraged to practice the knowledge and skills in pursuing their hobby - gardening.

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IMAInstitut für Migrations und Aussiedlerfragen



INNCREAFundacja Wspierania Rozwoju Innowacji i Kreatywności



CFPPACentre de Formation Professionnelle



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  • BP 72647 31326, Castanet Tolosan
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